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ontario water ski team

McClintock’s Ski School is proud to be home to the Ontario water ski team, along with its coaches, Jason McClintock and Andrew Bergman. For over 40 years McClintock’s has taken great pride in supporting the competitive ski community, and we are proud to continue to support the growth of all of Ontario’s top water ski athletes.

The Ontario Team consists of three levels:

  • Provincial (tier 1)

  • Development (tier 2)

  • Grassroots (tier 3)

The Ontario Water Ski Team was created in 2016 as a part of an initiative to build a youth community in Ontario focused around striving for success both on and off the water. Ontario has a long history of athletic excellence on the water ski world stage, and continues to do so through this next generation of water skiers.

Apply today to be part of Canada’s best water ski team!

Application deadlines are February 1st annually. All athletes must be under 21 to apply. all applicants will be required to participate in competitive tournaments and hold a valid WSWO membership.