McClintock's Water Ski School + Pro Shop


Evening Activities

For all overnight campers there will be 2 nights where we will go out for evening activities locally. These activities include going to the movies, lazer tag, bowling, or rock climbing. All entry costs are included in the cost of camp, but spending money should be sent for all the “extras” your child may want.

What to pack 

Please bring Towels, Fitted Bathing Suits, Waterproof Sunscreen, Refillable Water Bottle, Light Snacks, Wet Suit or Rash Guard (recommended), Hat, Pillow and Sleeping Bag, Toiletries, Clothing for all weather and appropriate shoes for evening outings.  


Feel free to bring your own equipment, but if you don’t have your own don’t worry, we have life jackets and skis on the dock at all times! Gloves and wetsuits are recommended but not provided, and can be purchased on-site at McClintock’s Pro Shop, along with anything else you would like to add to your collection!

arrival time + pick Up

Water Ski Camp 8:30am - 4:00pm

Ontario Team Camp 8:30am - 5:00pm

If staying overnight, please arrive on Monday morning at 8:30am and pick up child Friday by 5:00 pm. Sunday evening drop off available.