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2019 Employment Contract

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Paid Bi-Weekly
This can be requested closer to season starting as well. Just looking for ideas of large gaps of time where you may be unavailable.
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Full Time: 30+ Hours Per Week, Including some weekends Part Time: Less Than 30 Hours Per Week, including some weekends
Do you agree to our Confidentiality Clause, where any information gained during your employment cannot be shared with other companies? *
Do you agree to our Social Media Code of Conduct, where you are asked to remain a positive role model for the sport of water skiing on all social media platforms, remembering always that you are a representation of McClintock's Ski School and our ethics in sport? *
Do you agree to our Non-Solicitation Clause, where in the event that you do not return to McClintock's you are prohibited from recruiting for purpose of competition? *
Do you agree to positively promote our partner brands, MasterCraft Boats and Radar Skis, and refrain from promoting any other brands through our business both online and on the dock? *
Do you agree to refrain from use of alcohol, cigarettes or narcotics before or during a shift? *
Although alcohol is allowed on the dock after your shift is completed, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE for smoking of any kind, on or off shift, anywhere on the McClintock's property, including the dock or parking lot.
If you aren't a creative writer this space can be in point form and we will put it altogether for you! When did you start skiing? Where did you first learn? Who is your spouse? Any pets? What is your favourite (non-skiing) hobby? What are you studying in school? The list goes on and on! Just let us know what makes you UNIQUE!